In the sixth plan, the fall of the Asadabad plain should be avoided

Deputy Director for Protection and Exploitation of Hamedan Regional Water Company said that in the plan to restore and balance the subsurface resources, the Ministry of Energy planned a project in the sixth development plan to prevent water loss, said: In the next 15 years we should be able to achieve the following water level Increase the ground by stairs.

According to the Public Relations Department of Hamedan Regional Water Company, engineer David Dawn Shahsavand, at the meeting of the Water Resources Conservation Council of the city, 40 million cubic meters of groundwater in the Asadabad plain should be reduced.
Shahsavand said that the current water withdrawal from Asadabad plain is 212 million cubic meters, according to a plan by the Ministry of Energy with all the parameters and technical issues for the Asadabad plain, the harvest in the agricultural water area should be reduced to 172 million cubic meters.
He argued that this issue is currently being addressed in the regional water company of the province, and the exploitation licenses for wells are decreasing, adding: "Agricultural Jihad considering the issue of reducing the permit for the use of wells by replacing low-water products, reforming the pattern Cropping, irrigation techniques, promoting irrigation under pressure and droplets, should reduce the volume of water so that farmers can not be harmed in the economic and income areas.
"In the plan for the rehabilitation and equilibrium of the underground resources of the Ministry of Energy, a project has been planned in the Sixth Development Plan to prevent water loss, and in the next 15 years we will be able to increase the groundwater level by stepping up," said Shahsavand.
He announced the total number of wells in the Asadabad fortress in 1,682 looms, saying: of these wells, 1393 wells, 86 wells, 86 drinking water rings, 11 drinking water rings, 192 industries and services, 71 rivers, 416 rivers Fountains and 1100 rings are electric wells.
The Deputy Director for the Protection and Exploitation of the Regional Water Company of Hamedan Province said the rainfall of this year was 352 mm by May 16th, adding that precipitation has decreased by 7% compared to last year and by 10% has decreased in the city.
Public Relations of Hamedan Regional Water Authority

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  News Date : 2018-05-20



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