Implementation of the project for managing the comprehensive and sustainable participation of Asad Abad plain groundwater resources

eputy Director General for Development of Hamedan Province, referring to the implementation of the project on managing the comprehensive and sustainable participation of Asad Abad plain groundwater resources, said: "This project is a new method and is different from the routine methods of the past and will be achieved after its implementation."

According to the Public Relations Department of Hamedan Regional Water Company, Mohammad Reza, at the 29th meeting of the Water Resources Conservation Council, the second working group of the Mojahedin-e Khuzestan Regional Organization and the first water works participatory group, said: Hamedan province due to its high altitude, There is not much to it, and its containment is costly, so maintaining groundwater resources and optimal use of it is very important.
He emphasized: "The Iranian people after the victory of the Islamic Revolution have had a great deal of participation in all political and social affairs, it is now natural for us to contribute to the implementation of the plan for managing sustainable and sustainable use of groundwater resources in the context of changing our cultivation and agriculture." They do.
"It will not be operational unless people realize the benefits and they want to do it," he said, pointing out that we should use the resources we make the most out of.
He pointed out that the project needs to be bored and, after several generations, the effect is visible to the eye, he reminded: "No way, we should not sacrifice quality and give our people free promises, so we have to deal honestly with them." To be the sponsor of this project, because it also affects all parts of the community.
Public Relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company

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  News Date : 2018-05-19



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