Managing director of Hamedan Regional Water Company was honored

According to the Public Relations Department of Hamedan Regional Water Company, Mohammad Nasser Nikbakht, the governor of Hamedan, thanked engineer Mansour Sotoudeh, the managing director of the regional water company.

In the text of this plaque, "We thank the people who, in the course of the year, have taken great measures in order to facilitate and increase the level of production in the resistance economy, production and employment with the efforts of industrialists, entrepreneurs, farmers and all those involved. Our valuable efforts and efforts in 1996, as a member of the Task Force on Facilitation and Removal of Barriers to the Production of the Province, give your health, prosperity and success to the achievement of the goals of the government, and to continue to serve the honorable people of the province from the path of Allah Almighty. "
Public Relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company

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  News Date : 2018-05-03



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