Managing director of Hamedan Regional Water Company was honored

Managing director of Hamedan Regional Water Company was honored by the governor

According to the Public Relations Department of Hamedan Regional Water Company, Mohammad Naser Nikbakht, the governor of Hamedan, thanked engineer Mansour Sotoudeh, managing director of the regional water company in Hamadan.
The text of this tablet reads:
"Honestly," hereby, with the presenting of this gratitude, I thanked you for your efforts and efforts in the field of the great power and power industry of the province, and it is hoped that by relying on divine mercy, rationality, and taking advantage of the vast capacities of the province with The goal of excellence is to increase the prosperity of this ancient age. Therefore, I wish God Almighty a great reward for you, which is undoubtedly the highest and most eternal rewards, namely the satisfaction of God, the satisfaction of the people and the conscientiousness that comes from the sense of duty, honest service, and God-given effort. "
Public Relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company

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  News Date : 2018-05-03



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