Head of Hamedan Regional Water Company:

The basic solution for drinking water supply in Hamedan is to transfer water from Talvar Dam

The head of Hamedan Regional Water Company, stating that it has been done with coordination and planning and interaction with the operators, tries to supply part of the drinking water from other water sources such as Abbas Abad. Talwar Dam stated.

According to the public relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company; Engineer Mohammad Zaruri; The head of the Hamedan Regional Water Company stated that weekly reports are sent to the Ministry of Energy on the water supply project to Hamedan. In order to realize the allocation of credits, the issue is being seriously pursued. He pointed out: Due to the lack of proper snowfall in the Ekbatan Dam basin of Hamadan, it is predicted that the rivers leading to the dam will not have adequate water in the coming months, and due to the lack of effective rainfall in October and November, it is also predicted. That we do not have a proper entrance to the dam at the beginning of next autumn; In this way, it is tried to supply the required drinking water from other sources as much as possible. Necessary continued: with coordination and planning and interaction with operators, it is tried to provide part of drinking water from other water sources such as Abbasabad, but it is important to mention that this source is also able to supply specific water. And in order to properly use this resource, we need to reconsider this project. Head of Hamedan Regional Water Company; The basic solution for supplying drinking water to Hamedan was the transfer of water from Talvar Dam and while thanking the governor and representatives, he emphasized the need for serious determination in providing financial resources and continuing the process of executive operations in a jihadist manner. Furthermore, Engineer Davood Shahsvand stated that at the end of March, farmers are preparing their lands for cultivating crops such as potatoes. Excessive water consumption has created problems for drinking water supply from groundwater sources. Hamedan Regional Water Company Deputy for Protection and Utilization of Water Resources, stating that while seeking help from God Almighty for the descent of divine mercy, we must also take the necessary plans, said: These plans to provide surface water and maximum guidance The water of the tributaries of Ekbatan and Abshineh dams has been done and since the beginning of October of this year, by concluding a contract with Mirab and using the cooperative capacity and visits and operational measures of the company's personnel, even on holidays, efforts have been made to prevent river water abstraction. Be guided to the dams. Referring to the situation of agricultural wells in the province, Shahsvand said that 28 agricultural wells that could be connected to the network were identified with the cooperation of the provincial water supply company, but only 5 wells entered the drinking water circuit. He pointed out: it is necessary to increase the number of wells with drinking water supply conditions as a matter of urgency, but of course in this regard, we will naturally have problems in this area with the beginning of the agricultural season. Hamedan Regional Water Company Deputy for Protection and Utilization of Water Resources added: If the rainfall situation in the coming months is similar to the first few months of the growing season, the city of Hamedan will face a deficit of at least one thousand liters per second and with an optimistic view and despite Efforts have been made and with the current state of supply sources, a maximum of 1100 liters per second of water will be available in summer. Public Relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company

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  News Date : 2022-02-27



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