Head of Hamedan Regional Water Company:

400 billion tomans will be injected into the water transfer project to the city of Hamedan

The head of the Hamedan Regional Water Company said: The Minister of Energy promised that 400 billion Tomans would be given to the project.

According to the public relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company, Engineer Mohammad Zarzuri; The head of the Hamedan Regional Water Company, regarding the plans and priorities regarding the water situation in Hamedan, said: The priority of the regional water company and the priority of Hamedan province is the water transfer project from Talvar Dam to Hamedan, a project approved by the Supreme Leader. It is the Islamic Revolution that was approved in 2004 and its studies lasted until 2007. He stated that the executive operation of this project started in 2007, and said: "This project has not been completed yet due to financial problems and issues, and after the election of Ayatollah Ra'isi as president and the formation of a new government," The issue of water supply in the country was given priority and finally, in September of this year, witnessed the presence of Engineer Mehrabian; We were the Minister of Energy in Hamedan. The head of the Hamedan Regional Water Company referred to the visit of the Minister of Energy to the water transfer project from Talvar Dam to Hamedan and said: "During this visit, the Minister of Energy ordered that due to the drought situation we are witnessing this year and next year we will face it." This project is a follow-up and God willing, for the summer, the people of Hamedan will be able to use the water of Talvar Dam for drinking. Necessary engineer continued: In this regard and based on the order of the governor of Hamedan, we entered the work with the coordination made and a meeting with Engineer Mehrabian; The Minister of Energy was held and the importance of following the Talwar plan was emphasized. He pointed out: Engineer Mehrabian during this meeting, promised that 400 billion tomans will be given to the project by the end of this year. It was necessary to mention that in the same meeting, the CEO of the mentioned company and the commander of the holding of Khatam Al-Anbia base were talked about and it was emphasized that the provincial credits in this field be increased and work be done. The head of the Hamedan Regional Water Company pointed out: In this regard, the necessary coordination is being done and the relevant follow-ups are underway; Thus, a meeting was held with the relevant consulting company and the necessary arrangements were made to start a strong work. Necessary engineer, pointing out that he will continue to follow up with the veteran engineer; Managing Director of Iran Water and Sewerage Engineering Company and Javanbakht Engineer; The Deputy Minister of Energy for Water and Abfa Affairs and the CEO of Iran Water Resources Management Company have arranged, said: We will also have a meeting with the CEO of the consulting company of this project so that we can make initial coordination. He continued: "With the cooperation of Hamedan Regional Water Company and the follow-up of senior officials of Hamedan province, we hope that the schedule of this project will be such that we can transfer water from Talvar Dam to Hamedan for the summer." Get to the desired point. The official reminded in the end: in order to implement the order of the Ministry of Energy, meetings were held with the CEO of Niroo Holding from the headquarters and the CEO of Mahab Quds and the implementation of the plan was reviewed and emphasized. Public Relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company

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  News Date : 2022-01-25



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