Deputy of protection and utilization of water resources of Hamedan Regional Water Company:

43% of the dam reservoirs in the province are full

The Deputy Minister of Water Resources Protection and Utilization of Hamadan Regional Water Company announced a 22% decrease in rainfall in Hamadan province compared to last year and said: "Currently, 43% of the reservoirs of dams in the province are full."

According to the public relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company, Engineer Davood Shahsvand; Deputy Minister of Protection and Utilization of Water Resources of Hamadan Regional Water Company in the study of rainfall in Hamadan province compared to the long-term period and last year said: Rainfall in Hamadan province last year was equal to 182 mm, which is the amount per year The current decline is 22 percent. He continued: the amount of rainfall in the province has decreased by 23% compared to the long term. Deputy Minister of Protection and Exploitation of Water Resources of Hamedan Regional Water Company, pointing out that 43% of reservoirs in Hamedan province are currently full, said: The capacity of reservoirs of exploited dams in the province is equal to 108 million cubic meters, which on February 17 this year 46 One million cubic meters of storage capacity of dam reservoirs in Hamadan province is full, with the largest volume of stored water being the large dam. Shahsvand stated that the fullness of Abshineh and Ekbatan dams is equal to 6%, and the current volume of Shirinsoo, Nematabad and Shanjour dams is equal to 22%, 21% and 7%, respectively. He went on to point out that the volume of the Sarabi Dam is currently equal to 2.5 million cubic meters and its filling percentage is equal to 27 percent. We see 86% of the dam with its current volume of 39 million cubic meters. Public Relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company

News code: 1961
  News Date : 2022-02-19



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