The head of the regional water company informed:

Only 7% of Ekbatan Dam is full

The head of the Hamedan Regional Water Company said: The current volume of Ekbatan Dam is 2 million and 240 thousand cubic meters, with this volume only seven percent of the volume of this dam is full.

According to the public relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company, Mohammad Zaruri announced that the entrance of Ekbatan Dam is currently 460 liters per second and the output of this dam for drinking in Hamedan is 620 liters per second and added: "We hope the pre-season rain will save the dam." Improve. "Unfortunately, the volume of snow cover in the heights shows a sharp decrease compared to the previous wet year," he said, adding: "Currently, the current storage volume of Abshineh Dam is 330,000 cubic meters and only seven percent of its volume is full." Referring to the current volume of reserves of other dam reservoirs in the province, Zaruri noted: Currently, 23% of Shirinsoo dam with a volume of one million cubic meters, 81% of the large dam with a volume of 36 million and 700 thousand cubic meters and 29% of Sarabi dam with a volume of two million 640 thousand Cubic meters are full. He also said that the average rainfall in the province, based on the information recorded in the base stations, has been 120 mm since the beginning of October this year, adding: "This year's rainfall shows a 23% decrease compared to last year's average rainfall in the same period." It is necessary to add: the average rainfall of the last wet year in the same period is 156 mm and also in the long run is 159 mm. He continued: The highest amount of rainfall was recorded in Nahavand study area of ​​Varineh station with an average of 203 mm and the lowest amount was recorded in Qahvand station study area of ​​79 mm in Ghahavand station. The head of the Hamedan Regional Water Company also announced the injection of 400 billion tomans of credit into the Hamedan city water transfer project by the end of this year and said: "According to the favorable promise of the Minister of Energy, more than 400 billion tomans of credit will be provided to the Hamedan city water transfer project by the end of this year." Took.

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  News Date : 2022-02-01



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