The governor of Hamedan in the meeting of the council of protection :

of water resources of the province raised

We try not to have a problem with drinking water supply The governor of Hamedan said: "Despite the 41% decrease in rainfall and the risk of water shortage, we try not to have water supply problems, but the people should cooperate."

According to the public relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company, Seyed Saeed Shahrokhi stated in the meeting of the Provincial Water Resources Protection Council with the presence of the managers of the Ministry of Energy at the Ekbatan Dam: "Infrastructure development is one of the most central development affairs and in recent years good measures have been taken." We witnessed the development of the province. He said that the Ministry of Energy has had a good performance in the field of dam development in the country and in Hamadan province: water is one of the most important parts of development and in recent years three dams were launched in the province which solved some of the province's water supply problems. The governor of Hamedan, referring to the 41% decrease in rainfall in Hamedan province compared to last year, considered this a big problem and added: "Good measures are being taken so that we do not have a particular problem in Hamedan province." He called on the people to cooperate in the optimal use of water and said that we need cooperation in this regard: solving the problem of sewage, which previously threatened the health of citizens, was a valuable action and this should be taken into account. Shahrokhi called for attention to this issue, stating that we should put the field of saving, optimal water consumption and low-water crops on the agenda with new methods. Public Relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company




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  News Date : 2021-06-08



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