Hamedan Regional Water Director in the meeting of the Provincial

Water Resources Protection Council raised: The water storage volume of Ekbatan Dam in Hamedan has reached 62%

The CEO of Hamedan Regional Water Company said that after about 9 months of the current water year, the volume of water storage behind Ekbatan Dam has reached 62%.

According to the public relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company, Engineer Mansour Sotoudeh in the Water Resources Protection Council of Hamedan Province, which was held in the presence of the governor in the assembly hall of Ekbatan Dam, added: From the beginning of this water year, 20 million cubic meters of water resources for Drinking water is used and it is predicted that we will face problems in September due to water supply restrictions. He pointed out that 72% of the capacity of Sarabi Tuyserkan Dam has been filled, and said: "We are trying to put into operation the Sarabi Dam treatment plant with a credit of 129 billion Tomans and the participation of the private sector this summer." Sotoudeh, noting that the water storage volume of Abshineh Dam has reached 79% of its capacity, said: "Considering the 42% decrease in rainfall in the current crop year, the use of surface resources of Abbasabad and Moradbig rivers with a capacity of 200 liters per second for Hamedan drinking water network is on the agenda. He stated that for this purpose, the water of Yelfan and Arzanfood rivers is directed to Ekbatan dam, and specified: four million cubic meters of water have been collected and used from Abbasabad and Moradbeig rivers for this purpose. The CEO of Hamedan Regional Water Company, pointing out that the transfer of water from Khako River to Shahid Beheshti Water Treatment Plant is also underway, continued: "We are looking to harvest surplus water in addition to water supply to gardeners during the growing season." Emphasizing the importance of government policies regarding private sector investment, he said: "On this basis, four major water supply projects with the participation of the private sector are being implemented in different areas of Hamadan province." Sotoudeh added: The Malayer refinery project has started with an initial contract of 25 billion Tomans and the final investment amount of the private sector for the operation of this project has reached 120 billion Tomans. He pointed out that the Sarai Tuyserkan water treatment plant is also under construction with a value of 140 billion Tomans, and said: Khorramrud Dam with a value of 340 billion Tomans and Green Dam with a value of 360 billion Tomans are under construction with the participation of the private sector. Public Relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company

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  News Date : 2021-06-08



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