The call of water well drilling supervisors (private sector) was extended until the end of April.

The deadline for calling water well supervisors (private sector) in Hamedan Regional Water Company was extended until the end of April.

According to the public relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company, the company intends to follow the executive regulations of the second chapter of the Law on Fair Water Distribution and instructions for monitoring drilling, piping, washing, development and testing of water wells using the private sector And based on the following conditions to use the services of water well drilling supervisors. Therefore, the qualified people are invited to register on the company's website at Services menu - Part of the registration form. It should be mentioned that the necessary information will be provided regarding the continuation of the selection process of drilling supervisors. . It should be noted that the registration deadline will be until the end of April and will not be extended.

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  News Date : 2021-04-07



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