Construction of new dams has been planned in Hamedan province

Managing director of Hamedan Regional Water Company, referring to the role of dams in controlling the flood caused by rain, said the construction of new dams in Hamedan province has been planned.

According to the Public Relations Department of Hamedan Regional Water Company, engineer Mansour Sotoudeh said that the dam of Ekbatan and Kalan Malayer in flood control had a special role in this year's climate, said the volume of Shirin Suk Qordarahang Dam reaches 4.4 million cubic meters Is. He said that in the recent rainfall of 4 million cubic meters, equivalent to 90 percent of the dam filled with drinking water; in the case of the Kalan dam, added: The reservoir capacity of this dam is more than 45 million cubic meters and overflows, which then From a distance it joins the Gamasiab River and enters the Karkheh area. He said the dam was built to provide drinking water for the Malayer people, the provision of low-income agricultural land and industrial city industries, and now water is being used for agriculture. Sotoudeh said that the dam was built with a capacity of 9.5 million cubic meters of clay core, with the aim of providing drinking water to the cities of Tuyserkan and Sarkan and the lower right farmland. "The Zanjar Razan Dam is also filled 100 percent and has 5 million cubic meters of water, flooding 200 liters per second, and in total, seven of the province's five barges overflow or overflow, and two have significant reserves," he said. Sotoudeh emphasized that the local dam is for the storage and supply of water, and if the dams were not possible, flood control and supply of drinking water were not possible, said damming operations in Hamedan province.

Public Relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company

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  News Date : 2019-05-15



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