At the 21st meeting of the Water Resources Conservation Council in Rosneft,

Filling in 495 unauthorized wells in the city of Razan

According to the Public Relations Department of Hamedan Regional Water Company, Mohammad Chardalli, at the Water Resources Conservation Council of Razan, said that since the beginning of the implementation of the plan to restore and balance the district in the city, 495 illegal wells have been blocked.

He added that the result of filling this number of unauthorized wells is saving more than 107 million cubic meters in the city's underground water resources.
Chardalli said: due to lack of adequate budget injection, since the beginning of this year, five unauthorized wells have been blocked.
Director of water resources in the city of Razan said that since the beginning of the year 93, as many as 317 water meters, including electromagnetism, volumetric, and ... have been installed on authorized city wells.
Chardalli continued, "We are asking the Electricity Authority to cut the electricity from the wells that meters have not been installed, so that their owners should quickly install the meter."
He said that in previous meetings of the Conservation Council, priority was given to deep wells and high-consumption wells.
The amount of rainfall this year has been 221 mm at the station and 250 mm in the same period last year and 244 mm in the long term, adding that rainfall has been 12% decrease since the beginning of the current year, and 10% to the long term.
In the following, the governor of the city of Razan, thanking and appreciating the management of the city's water resources, said: "We are looking for a serious deal with the excessive use of water resources.
He added: The capacity of all organizations and especially the prayer platform should be used to better protect and manage water resources.
The governor of the city of Razan stressed that priority is to continue to fill the wells so that dissatisfaction does not occur.
He stated: "At each meeting of the NGO's Conservation Council, they will report on the work they have done."
He added that the issue of saving requires collective efforts, he added: "It is important to have comprehensive planning and information, and the appropriate culture should be maintained in order to protect water resources."
Public Relations of Hamedan Regional Water Company.

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  News Date : 2018-04-29



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