New Year's utilities industry executives Friday prayer Hamedan province

CEOs utility industry in the province to celebrate the new year with a representative of the Supreme Leader met.

At the beginning of this Dydarmsyvl cultural and religious utility industry in Hamedan province, referring to the slogan of last year's "resistance economy, action," said in this regard, all the targets projected more than 100 percent of utilities realized Is.
He expressed hope that this year's slogan as "resistance economy, production and employment" in the industry properly realized.
Hojjat al-Eslam Mehdi Bahramifar appreciated the support of imams province to promote the culture of management of consumer desire to enter more imams using forums Friday to discuss this and said: Ramadan opening ads and take the opportunity to discuss management use and maintenance of water and electricity use.
Ayatollah lunar Thmhmdy stating that the procedure is a good and satisfactory, said: Fortunately people are satisfied with the result of military honor and the revolution and the blood of the martyrs. build and train.
Mohammed added: please have the following people have their own set of ethics, commitment, expertise, work and identify and strengthen them to do things well.
Supreme leader's representative in the province said that proselytizing God not only seminary students, said: In this context, all responsibility and duty.
He pointed out that in the virtual space Shi'a bombarded and sanctities insulted us, they said, according to the managers to maintain faith under serious not to slip them happen so to all employees and family they note.
Public Relations Regional Water Company of Hamedan

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  News Date : 2017-04-16



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